The Importance Of Clean Carpets For Childrens' Health

Carpeted floors are warm and comfortable. These floor surfaces help to minimize noise throughout the home, and they also make it easier for properties to retain heat. If you have opted to install carpeting in your abode, however, it is vital to recognize the importance of clean carpets for childrens' health. This is especially true if you have a crawling baby, a curious toddler or an in-home child care business.

Some floor surfaces can retain a considerable amount of dirt and debris over time. This, however, is especially true of carpeted floors given that dust and other particulates can become deeply embedded within the carpeted fibers. Thus, although the floor surface might look clean, there can be tons of allergens hiding inside of it. There can also be a number of harmful germs.

One of the foremost concerns about these surfaces when it comes to kids is the hand to mouth activity that toddlers often engage in. If a small child drops a small bit of dry cereal or any other snack on this surface, the same snack will likely get picked up and put back int the mouth by a toddler. Kids also place their toys on these surfaces and then pick them up and put them in their mouths. Thus, any germs that are in the carpet are likely to wind up in the digestive tract. An incredibly dirty floor can, therefore, result in a number of different illnesses.

Kids often lay directly on these surfaces and often with areas of exposed skin. For this reason, not only is it important to keep this type of flooring clean, but it is also important to avoid cleaning solutions that will leave behind chemical residues that cause skin irritation. A lot of consumers are currently investing in green cleaning products for this very reason. They can remove all of the dirt and grime that has become trapped in these areas, without risking allergic reactions on the skin.

Allergies can also be exacerbated by dirty carpeting. Kids who suffer from asthma and other breathing issues can be made miserable by flooring that is filled with dust, dander, and other allergens. In these instances, it is important to have a high-powered vacuum that is capable of pulling up trapped debris from deep within the fibers. People in the living environment will breathe better and feel better overall.

There are other issues to consider when it comes to carpeting, especially when spills occur. Should these surfaces ever become moist, there is always the risk of having mold or mildew develop. These fungi can be especially detrimental to human health. They can become airborne and have a very long-term impact on the indoor air quality.

Although it is possible to simply towel up these messes, it is also vital to consider the impact that they will have on the underlying padding. This is often a thick, absorbent foam that is used to give the floor greater cushion. It is not easy to dry once it become wet, and it is also prone to the development of mildew and mold.

Having professionals deal with major flooding issues is important as these entities will know the best way to dry both the carpeting and the underlying padding while taking diligent steps for mold remediation. Smaller spills can usually be cleaned with rented or in-home carpet cleaning systems, however, people must take care to ensure that the affected area is thoroughly dry. They can even use disinfecting and deodorizing products to prevent the development of mold or to kill off harmful microorganisms.

Another major issue that homeowners can contend with is the buildup of pet hair. This is commonly an issue among homes with cats or dogs. These hairs build up quickly, and they are not always effectively removed by using a standard household vacuum. Some vacuum cleaners have sufficient power and suction for removing these hairs, but many do not. These hairs can exacerbate allergies and cause other health problems in homes, particularly when there are small, crawling toddlers on the floor.

Bearing these things in mind, many people believe that it is much easier to simply have hardwood or tiled floors, especially when there are small children in the home. These floors do not mute sound, and the do not create additional warmth in the home. They are, however, easy to sweep and mop, and they are not likely to develop mold, mildew or large collections of pet hair or other allergens. When opting for carpet, people simply have to make sure that they have the right cleaning implements on hand and to use professional cleaning services when necessary.